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‘Put passengers before profit’ say St Helens Greens as rail fares rise again

07 January 2014

St Helens Green Party is calling for the railways to be brought back into public hands as rail fare rises for 2014 come into effect.

St Helens Town Hall

Stand up for St Helens

02 January 2014

Say no to Liverpool City Region.

St Helens Needs You

08 December 2013

That’s the message from St Helens Green Party as locals step up their Christmas shopping.

Marshalls Cross residents

Don’t concrete over our countryside

04 December 2013

A Peasley Cross community is fighting to save a local nature spot from the bulldozers.


Stand up for St Helens – or step aside

13 October 2013

That's the message from St Helens Green Party to the council' leadership following the Liverpool City Region transport authority's lukewarm response to proposals for two long-promised St Helens rail schemes.

Tree-sons to be cheerful: Andrew Brownlow and Francis Williams

Tree-sons to be cheerful

05 September 2013

Let's get St Helens out of the sidings


22 July 2013

St Helens has a once in a generation chance to sit at the heart of its own rail network – and attract the investment and jobs that go with it.

Cut the number of councillors

11 March 2013

St Helens Green Party is calling for belt-tightening at the town hall before any more community facilities and services are scrapped.

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