The Election of a new Executive committee

23 February 2016

The St Helens Green Party elected a new Executive Committee at the EGM on 22/02/2016, bringing a new direction to the party. 

So who are the new officers? 

Kyle Pritchard - Kyle is 19 and was elected the interim chair in december 2015, after the unexpected departure of the chair. He was officially elected as the Chair of the party on the 22d February 2016.

John Richards - John has been shadowing the Treasurer for several months, acting as the deputy treasurer when the treasurer was not available. John was elected as the new Treasurer on the 22nd February 2016. 

David Morris - David has been the Press officer for the party since mid 2015, however, he also took on the role of media officer on 22nd February 2016.

Maria Chean - Maria is 19 and a student studying from home, she was elected to be the data protection officer for the party at the e.g.m 22nd February 2016. 

David O'Keefe - David has been acting as the party's interim secretary since december 2015, but decided to step down from that role to take on the role of Elections Agent. He was elected on 22nd February 2016. 

Rachel Parkinson - Rachel is the St Helens Green Party's resident Fracking spokesperson. She is also the candidate for Newton in the local elections. She took on the role of membership officer at the e.g.m on 22nd February 2016. 

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