Caroline Lucas Joins Protest Against Proposed Florida Farm Development

28 September 2016

Caroline at North Florida farmNational Green Party Co-leader Caroline Lucas braved the rainy weather in Haydock Monday to join a group of local residents in a protest against the proposed North Florida Farm warehouse development project.

To the delight of the group, Lucas, who is also the MP for Brighton Pavilion, affirmed the Green Party’s opposition to the unnecessary destruction of irreplaceable green belt land for poorly thought-out development projects such as the North Florida Farm warehouses. 

She also stressed her commitment to environmental protection and the preservation of local communities.

Lucas was accompanied by Tom Crone, Green Party Liverpool City Councilor and Merseyside Metro Mayor candidate.  Crone emphasized that the North Florida Farm development is unnecessary since there are already good warehouse options in the area on brown belt land and that the economic and job benefits claimed for the project are completely unfounded.  He also stated his belief that the new regional mayor should not only focus on Liverpool at the expense of smaller towns such as St Helens, and that he intends to strongly support local campaigners like the ones in Haydock.

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