Greens Oppose Florida Farm Decision

13 March 2018

Greens Oppose Florida Farm Decision

St. Helens Greens appalled by Council Planning Committee decision to build a huge warehouse on North Florida Farm.

St. Helens Green Party, in unison with 2,000 local residents, have submitted objections to an unwarranted scheme to build on precious Greenbelt land in the region. The application received greater opposition and objections than any other development the local council have dealt with.

St. Helens’ Green Party are concerned that the Planning Committee decided to ignore many concerns over air pollution, flooding and traffic congestion, and say the move is “unforgivable and shows how out of touch the Council has become with the people of our community.”

The development will be based on the A580 in close to proximity to M6 Junction 23, which St Helens Greens say, is already severely congested. The decision means an extra 6700 HGVs on the road leading to more congestion, increased air pollution and harm to the local economy by making it harder for local residents to travel to work.

In response to the decision, Green Party Metro Mayor candidate Cllr Tom Crone said, "I have attended today's planning committee to support the Resident Against Florida Farm Development in their battle to save their green belt. The plans to destroy this land for a warehouse development are short sighted, and show that unfortunately St Helens Council are willing to trash the environment for an unreliable promise of jobs and business rates. St Helens need an alternative green vision for economic development that doesn't cost the earth and respects the protection that green belt land has benefited from for decades. Over the coming Metro-Mayor campaign I will be spelling out my policies to promote a low carbon economy, sustainable transport, and to protect green spaces: an alternative vision that is urgently needed in St Helens and the rest of the city region"

St. Helens Green Party and Cllr Crone have said that they will continue to strongly support the Residents Against Florida Farm Development’s campaign against this plan, offering them all possible support, and assistance. The hard work and commitment to the preservation of greenbelt land, which resulted in 2000 objections to the development scheme, is an inspiration to us all.

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