Thank You Ann

25 May 2018


On the occasion of her departure from the UK to live full-time in New Zealand, the St. Helens Green Party would like to offer its heart-felt thanks to Ann Shacklady-Smith for everything she has done for the party and the community over the years.

Ann was one of the original founders of the St. Helens Greens, and she has been one of our most active and committed members ever since – and probably its wisest one as well. 

Her service to St. Helens did not stop with the Green Party, however.  Ann was also a leading member of the Friends of Victoria Park and was instrumental in securing the funding which allowed it to achieve Green Flag status.  More recently, she was the director of the Lucem House Community Cinema and an active supporter of the art scene in St. Helens.

Ann’s kindness and counsel will be sorely missed by the St. Helens Green Party and the community as a whole.  In this case, however, our loss will be someone else’s gain.  Ann will be assuming the post of General Manager of the New Zealand Green Party.  We know for certain that she will do a fantastic job for them, and we offer her our sincerest wishes for the best of luck and the greatest of happiness in her new life down under.

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