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St Helens Green Party is offering to help St helens Council build a better business case for the proposed Carr Mill station and St Helens Central-Junction linkline rail projects - if it really wants to. The party believes that the two projects have been grossly undersold by the council and Merseytravel, and that urgent action is needed to save the schemes from the scrap heap.

Here's why


A 'Green Mile' for St Helens?

St Helens Green Party is proposing turning the town green in a bid to attract more shoppers, visitors, entrepreneurs and investment. 

St Helens Green Party's Francis Williams explains: 

“We care about St Helens and lots of other people do too.

"St Helens Green Party wants a town centre that is attractive and vibrant, with a truly diverse mix of shops, bars and cafes – the very opposite of what we have now.

“We have to find ways to encourage genuinely local businesses that are in St Helens for the long haul, rather than here today/gone tomorrow chain stores that can usually be found on any high street in any other town anyway. 

“Two thirds of the country’s half a million retail outlets are independent. Perhaps this is the way back for St Helens? It has to be worth a try. After all, what’s the alternative?”


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