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Pilks plan: Greens want answers

25 April 2015

St Helens Green Party is seeking answers from Pilkington/NRG about the proposed energy from waste facility at Cowley Hill.

For the Common Good: St Helens Green Party launches election manifesto

23 April 2015

St Helens Green Party chose St George’s Day, 23rd April, to unveil its manifesto for a greener, cleaner borough with a brighter future.

Elizabeth Ward and Laura Taylor

Greens have lift-off!

09 April 2015

Budget 2015: St Helens Green Party reaction

18 March 2015

Austerity is failing St Helens and failing the country

Francis Williams and Andy Gatherscope with fly tipping at County Road

100+ fly tipping incidents per month in St Helens – and council tax payers foot the bill

15 March 2015

St Helens Green Party is calling for a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to fly-tipping after uncovering the staggering scale of the problem in the borough.

St Helens Greens out to make history – with your support

28 January 2015

Political history could be made this year, with the Green Party set to appear on General Election ballot papers in St Helens for the very first time.

Francis Williams

Cut councillors, not services

04 January 2015

St Helens Green Party is calling for belt-tightening at the town hall as the borough braces itself for yet more cuts in council services.

Down, but not out

24 May 2014

"Thank you for voting for the common good."


‘Put passengers before profit’ say St Helens Greens as rail fares rise again

07 January 2014

St Helens Green Party is calling for the railways to be brought back into public hands as rail fare rises for 2014 come into effect.

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