If you would like to get in touch with St Helens Green Party please contact: 

email: office@sthelens.greenparty.org.uk 


Our Councillors run Monthly Surgeries for Ward Members:

David Van Der Burg (Haydock)
Haydock Library, Last Thursday Of The Month 17:30 - 18:30


David O'Keefe (Bold)

Shining Lights on Forest Road 2nd Thursday Of The Month 18:00 - 19:00


Contact Details on Individual Officers: 

Chair (General Enquiries):Chair@Sthelens.GreenParty.org.uk

Treasurer (Donations): John Richards - Treasurer@Sthelens.GreenParty.org.uk / Johnmichaelrichards@hotmail.com

Membership Officer (Membership Information) - Membership@Sthelens.greenparty.org.uk

Press & Media Officer: