Get Involved

The Green Party can make a difference.

We’re not like other parties. We don’t depend on big business or the unions to fund our work; our members aren’t looking to climb some greasy pole.

We really do believe in fairness for all, opportunities for the many, unleashing the talent of our young people, and treating people with dignity and respect.

We have the independence to do what's right for St Helens.

Our members are in it for St Helens, not for themselves.

We value humanity and equality, and oppose discrimination, exploitation, violence and oppression – anywhere.  

We value the natural world, and want to protect and sustain it – everywhere.

We believe in shared resources and a shared future – globally.   

We support democracy and accountability.   

We put quality of life – personal freedoms, security, health and happiness – above crude economic indicators.

We are radical and responsible.

Come and join us!



We always welcome volunteers to help with our campaigning work. Could you help deliver our newsletters to your street, or go out with our campaign team and speak to local residents about their concerns?

We are particularly keen to find more volunteers with fundraising experience or web design, press, research and administrative skills. Whatever your level of experience and however much or little time you can give, we would love to hear from you.

Phone 01744 808983 or 07872878728, or email us for more information about ways you can get involved.


Be a candidate!

With a shortage of candidates for the 2016 local elections, the St Helens Green Party invites members to take the oppertunity to make a difference in St Helens, by standing as a Green candidate! 

We are currently looking for candidates for the following wards, if you live in or have an interest in standing for one of these wards, don't hesitate to  email us or phone our office on 01744 808983! 





Town Center






If you don't have much spare time at the moment, but would still like to help, why not make a donation? Your donation will help us stand more candidates for more elections, and help the party do more to support the work of our members across the country.


Join the Green Party

As a member, you can be as active as you like - from armchair and online support to standing as a candidate for election.